Are Decks A Good Investment In A Bad Economy?

When there is a slow economy there a lot of people worried, there are fears of job losses, and it seems like everyone that has any money in the stock market see their investments shrink. Home prices fall and there is just a lot of uncertainty out there. The question is in those ind of times, is a deck addition a good investment?

At Raymer & Son Exteriors we think that building Custom Vinyl DecksCustom Composite Decks and Custom Wood Decks in bad economic conditions is a very good time to have a new or updated deck built. Here are some points to consider.

According to a recent report, a typical American homeowner who adds a deck to their home could recoup 75-150 percent of the total cost if the house is sold within a year of the deck's construction.

Home prices are in a slump but you can add value to your home, and one of the best ways is to add a beautiful deck. In studies on value recaptured from home improvements, decks ranks at the top for monies spent to value returned, it is not unheard of for a great deck to recapture over 100% of its purchase price.

Why not skip that expensive vacation this year, or next, and invest in your own backyard paradise, you can vacation in your own back yard for years to come. Adding a new deck or remodeling you old existing deck to better serve, can change your boring backyard to something fun and exciting. 

Decks bring us outside into the sun and closer to nature than any other home improvement. This has proven to be a very healthy and beneficial attribute of deck ownership. So spend some time outside enjoying your new deck and backyard with family and friends.

Decks are an excellent way to add value as well as create outdoor space for your own enjoyment.