AZEK Vinyl Decking

AZEK is a capped polymer vinyl decking board and is made with Alloy Armour Technology®. Azek decking contains no wood and features superior surface protection from stains, mold, and mildew. Azek all Vinyl Decking does not require costly and time-consuming sanding, sealing, or staining required to maintain the color and integrity of thier deck boards

Azek vinyl decking has Lifetime Limited Warranty and 50-Year Fade and Stain Warranty, which provides peace of mind that your deck will maintain it's integrity and look beautiful initially as well as over time.

Azek comes in three different lines. Vintage, Arbor and Harvest.

Azek Has Steadfast Color

Azek decking colors have a 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty. Colors range from rich browns to grays and natural hardwoods like mahogany.

Azek Decking Seamless Design Integration

Available in either standard (5 ½” wide), narrow (3 ½” wide) or wide-width boards (7 ¼” wide), which allow you to create a variety of custom looks.

Azek Decking Looks Like Wood

Azek has the most Natural Hardwood Look of all composite and vinyl decking brands, but Azek decking is 100% PVC (both in the core and surface). Diverse grain options — including intricate, wire-brushed looks offer elegant style.

Azek Has Best Protection Available in Vinyl / Composite Decking

Proprietary Alloy Armour Technology — a special capping that protects the boards on all four sides allows AZEK to stand the test of time by resisting moisture and its corrosive effects.

Relax and Enjoy your Azek Deck

Sturdy Vinyl capping keeps your deck beautiful by resisting scratches, dents, and even insects. Relax, knowing your deck can take almost anything.                            



Azek Vinyl Decking Vintage Collection Colors 



Azek Vinyl Decking Arbor Collection Colors



Azek Vinyl Decking Harvest Collection Colors