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Muncy is a borough located in Lycoming County Pennsylvania . Raymer & Son Exteriors is located approximately 30 miles from Muncy and we have been a Vinyl Siding Contractor, Window Installer and Deck Builder since 1998. We have completed many jobs in the area over the years and hope you will consider giving us the opportunity to give you a Free Estimate on your project. Click Here for Muncy Zoning & Building Permit information.

Raymer & Son Exteriors builds Custom Vinyl Decks and Custom Composite Decks in Muncy Pennsylvania

Raymer & Son Exteriors Customer Reviews For The Muncy Pennsylvania Area

"Raymer and Son Exteriors have provided me with excellent service for both major and minor projects"

Robert Klingman
Montgomery, PA
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I found Raymer & Son to be honest and dependable.

P. Muniz
Muncy, PA
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Muncy Pennsylvania Zoning & Building Permit Information


Replacement Window Installation in Muncy, Pennsylvania

- No permits are needed for Replacement Windows in Muncy as long as the opening is not changing.

Vinyl Siding Installation in Muncy, Pennsylvania

- No permits are necessary to install Vinyl Siding in Muncy.

Deck Building in Muncy, Pennsylvania

- Zoning permit is Required for Deck Construction in Muncy.
- No
building permit if under 30" off ground and not attached to the house (freestanding)
- if its attached to the house it needs a zoning and building permit regardless of height.
- If the deck is replacing another same size or larger deck it does not need a zoning permit

*Note * any new work in a flood plain requires a building permit.

* Always re-check in case codes have changed *


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Muncy Borough
14 N Washington St
Muncy, PA 17756
(570) 546-3952


Muncy Zoning & Building Code Officer
Code Inspections, Inc.
2104 Route 54
Montgomery, PA 17752
Ph: 570-547-0488
Fx: 570-547-0481

Muncy Pennsylvania Zoning Permit Form

Muncy Pennsylvania Code of Ordinances


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